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In-House Training

Have Francis Walsh provide customised training that meets the specific needs of your staff. More ...

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How does your minister make decisions? Take five simple steps to solutions.

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Punctuation rules.Everything you need to know.

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In-house Training
with a Unique Insight

Francis Walsh provides one of the best in-house training experiences for public sector writers.

In addition, each course is based on his unique insight into the communication requirements and styles of your minister, senior executives and stakeholders.

Imagine your staff understanding much more about their target readers and knowing precisely how to write to them and for them. More ...

Government Becomes
a Social Network

About 550 years ago, Johannes Gutenberg released the screw press on his wooden, printing machine ... [He] squeezed language against technology and made a lasting impression on European society and the world. More ...

The Communication Alignment Project

Government organisations perform at their optimum level when their communication is aimed precisely at their ministers. Francis Walsh's Communication Alignment Project provides specialist analysis and support to achieve that outcome.

Learn more about the
Communication Alignment Project.




Francis Walsh

Francis Walsh has provided the highest quality consultancy services and training support to over 270 government organisations Australia-wide. He is the leading writing and communication specialist for federal, state, territory and local governments.