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Which Course is Right for You?


Office Writing for the
Australian Public Sector

'Office Writing' gives you increased confidence to write letters, simple reports and submissions. You will polish your skills in grammar, punctuation and stylistic conventions.
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Managing Writing for the
Australian Public Sector

'Managing Writing' helps you to write and manage various documents that meet high standards and achieve excellent outcomes.
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Dear Minister

'Dear Minister' shows you how to avoid the pitfalls and to achieve excellence in ministerial correspondence, Question Time Briefs and 'action' briefings.
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Public Sector Editing and Proofreading
(Red Pen)

'Editing and Proofreading' shows you the classic, three-level editing technique used by professionals. You will also practise proofreading using the Commonwealth Style Manual and other key editing resources.
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Office or Managing:

ot sure which?

If you are unsure whether you should attend
'Office Writing' or 'Managing Writing',
try our
self-testing exercise.

It will help you make the right choice.

Evaluation Comments

'We got through quite a lot of content in the two days; however, it did not feel rushed. I thought there was a good mix of lectures and exercises. Francis Walsh has a great ability to turn what could be quite a dry topic into a very entertaining course.'

'Thought it would be dull and boring. It was fun and interesting.'

'Fantastic. Much more informative, fun and engaging than I expected it to be.'

'Absolutely loved the course. Francis Walsh is extremely passionate and it is contentious! The tools presented on how we can review our own writing were easy to understand and usable.'

'Francis is a fantastic presenter and I hope to attend one of his future courses.'

'It was brilliant. It gave me working knowledge into the mechanics.'

'Very enlightening and highly recommended.'

'Great venue; great catering; great course content.'

'The pace of the course was perfect. He held my interest all day - not once did I look at my watch to check how long before a break! I would highly recommend it to all public servants who have to write briefings, minutes etc. I also enjoyed the proofreading section and learned not to be down on myself when I miss picking up an error when proofreading (and I do get very annoyed when I miss something glaringly obvious when it is pointed out to me—after the fact!).'

'Great interaction. Francis is courageous.'

'Brilliant presentation.'

'Best course I have attended ever.'

'I think the course was terrific. It covered more than I expected it to in terms of history, different writing styles, problems within the public service regarding documents and writing. It was interesting and engaging and had just enough exercises for the class to participate in.'

'The course was well structured. All participants respected each other and there were no time wasters.'

'Well structured. Very useful.
A truly caring presenter.'

'I could do another week of this.'

'Francis is passionate.'

'This is the best professional writing course I have attended to date. Francis is an amazing presenter, very approachable and has moulded together a course that is both educating and enjoyable. This course should be core training in the APS.'

'Great guy. Great personality. Very funny.'

'Excellent. Really beneficial.'

'Amazing. Brilliant. Enlightening.'

'An inspiring two days.'

'Thank you so much.'

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