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Office Writing
for the Australian Public Sector  

The 'Office Writing' course provides instruction on

  • using grammar, punctuation and stylistic conventions
  • writing clearly and simply
  • avoiding ambiguity
  • writing for readers with varying abilities
  • constructing effective minutes and letters
  • developing simple reports and submissions

The concepts dealt with in this course are revised and extended in the 'Managing Writing' course.

Intended participants
The 'Office Writing' course is particularly suitable for people with secondary and tertiary education qualifications who are employed in public sector organisations. Their writing responsibilities may include creating minutes and memos, letters, brief reports and submissions.

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In-house course

Course length
Two days

The aim of this course is to develop participants' skills in effective writing in the workplace.

The objectives of this course are to help participants

  • to improve their knowledge of grammar and punctuation
  • to write simply and concisely
  • to create better sentences and paragraphs
  • to develop an improved minute, letter, report and submission writing style
  • to use words more precisely
  • to write for readers with varying abilities
  • to write documents that answer readers' questions
  • to promote themselves and their organisations


Office Writing

Office Writing e-brochure

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