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Signature Analysis

Signature is a consultancy service designed to enhance the effectiveness of documents written to and for senior executives, advisers and ministers, as well as documents written to stakeholders.

The Signature service provides:

  • a report providing a detailed analysis of a person's communication signature

  • associated reports that supply direct, practical advice on writing to achieve specified outcomes in relation to that person

  • support and evaluation throughout the consultancy project.

The Signature service has been created by Francis Walsh to provide government organisations with clear, measured characteristics of a person’s communication proclivities.

It is directed towards achieving enhanced responses from ministers, advisers, senior executives and stakeholders.

This consultancy service provides explicit, expert advice on appropriate methods of achieving identified outcomes, such as focusing on appropriate information, developing deeper understanding and creating conditions that promote decision-making.

The Signature service should be an essential component of any document flow that involves advice, analysis or negotiation. It is especially useful in relation to documents created to or for the minister, including briefings, correspondence, reports and submissions..

The analysis of the Signature service involves the measurement of such communication characteristics as a person’s:

            Action Focus

            Information Load

            Rationalisation Preferences

            Values Centre

            Emotional Predisposition

            Certainty Stance

            Internal and External Attention

            Forcefulness Tendency

            Strength Locus

            Exposure Points

            Knowledge Agility

            and more.

Through the measurement of the natural language of a person, using Infra Language® principles, the Signature service provides high-level support to government organisations in the central task of communicating in writing.

The Signature service removes the ‘guessing-game’ element during the production of documents in which specific outcomes are desired in relation to specific people.

The Signature service involves Francis Walsh analysing the natural language of a person, as well as their professional language. The Signature service also focuses on text that has been approved for use in documents such as correspondence and media releases.

Every word in every message is measured on the basis of 25 individual points of significance. By analysing word-use, based on Infra Language® principles and other language characteristics, the Signature service elicits clear, verifiable and practical insights that can be deployed immediately to assist your organisation to achieve its objectives.

The Signature Service is offered to organisations that wish:
  • to serve their minister more effectively
  • to improve communication outcomes internally and externally
  • to create documents more efficiently
  • to achieve enhanced results in relation to organisational objectives
  • to raise the standard of written documents.

See a sample of the
Signature Analysis

Please contact Rushworth Consultancy to learn more about this unique service to the APS.


See a sample of the
Signature Analysis

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