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Which Course?

Sometimes it is difficult to decide which course is right for you.
It is usually easy for people to decide which specialist writing course, such as 'Editing and Proofreading' and 'Dear Minister', they wish to attend.

However, many people can't decide between 'Office Writing' and 'Managing Writing'. The brief exercise on this page will help you to decide.



Complete This Test

This test will give you some insight into your knowledge of words, grammar and punctuation.

Which of the following is right and which is wrong?

Write your answers on a sheet of paper. Don't look up the answers in a grammar book. Just decide from your own knowledge.

1. My workplace which has a bright yellow roof was recently refurbished.

2. I am going to see my supervisor, she is always happy to discuss my work priorities.

3. My office is very attractive. It's walls and carpets are brand new.

4. My friend, with his companions, play touch football during lunchtime.

5. The effect of the successful launch was to inspire everyone in the office.

6. The Minister was busy however pleased to see me.

7. I am going to our city office, and my supervisor will join me later in the day.

8. He has completed his work on time - that would be a first - and he has aggravated every member of his team.

9. Learning to Write.

10. The document was received by my supervisor and me.

And, the correct answers are ...

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